Tuesday, January 07, 2014
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She lives her life in her own little fairytale...

Styling/Wardrobe: Jean Oakes - Renaissance Antiques
Makeup: Megan Martinez - www.chaosmakeupartist.com
Hair: Erica Hardy - Irme's Skincare on Everhart 
Photography: Deux Bohème


Every once in awhile we should indulge in our daydreams...

Twirls & Sunshine
       L + R
Friday, December 06, 2013
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These chilly days have us dreaming of sun, sand, and sweet Summer love.
So we'd like to share a little warmth with you on this Winter's evening...

A beachy engagement session with a fun and awesome couple!
{Lacee + Adam}

We hope you cuddle up to someone warm & enjoy a cozy weekend!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013
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Happy Tuesday everyone!!! 

Well...Happy Wednesday actually.

We're a bit late on Tuesday tips this week due to unforseen circumstances,

but all is well now, and better late than never!


We've really enjoyed creating Tuesday tips for you guys, and hope you guys are enjoying them too!

although you seem to be enjoying them silently...where's the love guys? :)




Today we have an awesome hairstyling tip, 

and an even more awesome guest contributor.


We're beyond thrilled to introduce you to our dear friend, 

Hair Artist extraordinaire, super talented & overall inspiring lady-

The beautiful Erica Hardy!



Erica is an award winning hair stylist, with award winning skills.

Recently back from Vegas where she demonstrated

her fabulous techniques at the Redken symposium.

But even more impressive than that, is her passion as an artist.

Challenging conventional ideas, and creating unique beauty everywhere she goes.


*Note: All color, cut, and style, in this post by Erica Hardy*






If you want her to work her magic on you...

Find her here: 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/erica.hardy.35?fref=ts 

Salon #: 361-980-1488


Just don't make the same mistake i've made in the past! 

 Book in advance, her schedule fills up quickly! 


We highly recommend that you hire a professional hair stylist when preparing for a photoshoot,

this is especially important if you'll be outdoors. 

A skilled stylist that has worked on photoshoots will know what tools and products

will produce the most photogenic looks, as well as keep everything in place without looking stiff.


Another reason to consider hiring a pro is that a hairstyling session can be very relaxing!

Most people will have a certain amount of nervousness before a shoot (models included)

so trying to do your own hair could lead to a lot of needless stress, 

and can be very time consuming.


*Makeup: Megan Martinez*

The look above was created for the Renaissance Antiques Fashion Show.

Erica spent 3 hours creating this look.

She curled, straightened, and crimped varying strands of hair

while incorporating wire, yarn, and lace into others.

The result was truly transforming, and exceeded all expectations!




But for today's tip-

We have something anybody can do!

A simple preparation to add a bit of oomph to an everyday look...

 We've all seen those awesome braids that everyone's been wearing,

messy, thick, statement braids.



So when Erica shared this trick with me I was really excited!

Mostly because it's easy, which means even I can do it. 

 Secondly, because it really makes a huge difference in the final look.



To achieve this look:


For girls with thin hair, or extremely straight hair:

1) Use a crimping iron to crimp the hair that you will be braiding

2) Brush it through, instant texture!

3) Braid loosely


Curly or Wavy haired girls:

1) Let hair air dry naturally for the most texture

2) Brush through

3) Braid loosely


That's it!

It's so simple, and really makes a difference.

Perfect for the upcoming spring & summer boho looks!




Let us know if this tip worked for you, or if you have some fab tips of your own!

Thank you for joining us today & please let us know if you would like to keep seeing Tuesday Tips!



Have an enchanted day!




Thursday, February 07, 2013
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It's almost friday and we hope everyone has had an awesome week!

We also hope you enjoyed our new feature "Tuesday Tips"

If you missed it, you can view it here: 



Today we will be sharing another new feature with you, and we hope you will enjoy it.

Without further ado-



Through the looking glass Thursdays!



As you might guess, this is a series that will be featured every Thursday.

 And as the name suggests, we will be sharing the stories and experiences that lay beyond the camera lens.

"Through the looking glass" is our way of giving you a peek into our image making adventures,

and sharing some insight into the images we love.



Today's Image...   


Title: Adieu Mon Coeur

Location: The Sacré Cœur Basilica (Sacred Heart)

Paris, France

 Photographer: Ryan



The Journey

A quiet sunrise in paris, while dreamers dream and the scent of fresh bread and espresso fills the air.

A leisurely stroll up the streets of Montmartre, winding through charming alleys and crumbling doorways...

The ultimate playground for writers, poets, artists, and romantics.


 The Medium

Digital Infrared Photography 

...As written by Ryan...


Pardon me, but you have a little infrared on you.

Infrared? What's that? and where?

I suppose you hadn't noticed it because Infrared is a spectrum of light that is invisible to the human eye.

In order to see or capture it you'll need special equipment.

Infrared viewers, Infrared film in a film camera, or a modified digital camera-

which is what was used above.


Why would I want to do this you ask?

One reason, is that you can create very beautiful, surreal images.

Otherworldly scenes where the sky and water look dark and ominous,

foliage & grass appear to glow as if covered in snow.

This is my favorite reason, and why I love it.

It is also worth mentioning that a second reason for using infrared photography

is not for aesthethic purposes. 

It is also widely used for scientific or forensic reasons.

(I'll spare you the details)


If you would like to see Infrared in action, please view our short clip here:




*(Side note)*

 This image has been published in the Professional Photographers of America loan collection book,

It was chosen for its technical excellence and unique artistry.



We truly hope you enjoyed Through the looking glass Thursdays!

Please leave us some love if you would like to see more!



Tuesday, February 05, 2013
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Hello and Happy Tuesday!

Speaking of Tuesday...It happens to be a great day to start something new!

(Mondays are too scary for new things)

So today we are introducing...

Tuesday Tips!


Tidbits, tips, & tricks. 

From us, and some of the experts we love to work with.

Hairstylists/Makeup Artists/Videographers/Florists...etc.

Some will be wedding related, a little photography info, and probably a few random bits here and there.

We hope you enjoy it!


*I feel like we need to insert a disclaimer here*

These tips are by no means hard and fast rules, please take them as suggestions.

We realize there will always be exceptions, some things might not apply to certain situations,

and of course- there are many varied opinions on every subject, ours is not necessarily right, just right for us :)


 Today's tip is for non-photographers

(and anyone who doesn't regularly use image files)

There are many commonly misused, misunderstood and mysterious terms in this industry-

Try to learn some of the vocabulary...

It will greatly benefit you when you're trying to explain what you're looking for, or what you like & dislike.


RAW file

 Most people take it to mean exactly what it sounds like.

Straight from the source, untouched, in its original form- like raw food.

 What it actually means: 

While it is those things mentioned above, it's also much more.

A simplified definition would be, a RAW file is a type of file. (Identified as: .NEF for Nikon or .CR2 for Canon)

RAW files are huge, contain a lot of information and can only be opened/processed with specific softwares.

For photographers, graphic designers, etc... These files offer many benefits and possibilities.

To the average consumer it would be a headache!

A bit like handing you a basket full of ingredients when all you want is a slice of cake.

Our Advice:

Find a bakery ...ahem... photographer whose style suits your taste,

then trust them to use their expertise in creating the product that you are looking for. 



Straight out of camera (simple Acronym)


...and now, for a fun one...


Aka "Circles of confusion"

 Visible in images with a shallow depth of field or blurred backgrounds.

You might love it or hate it- but either way, it's good to be able to identify it.


 Had to use this image, because Mardi Gras happens to be next tuesday!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!

(Let the good times roll)



Please Let us know what you think of Tuesday tips in the comments section, or just leave us some love!

If you have any other terms you want demystified, or specific areas of interest you want to know about-

let us know!


Thanks for reading, and have an enchanting day!